HayMor Enterprises LLC (HME) has been developing websites for years that only the webmaster can modify. But with today's Content Management System (CMS)web framework. Even users that know the standard Microsoft office products like Word and Excel can easily alter content in any CMS application. HME offers end-user training in using the CMS that they use to develop your website. HME can help you on developing the initial site structure and your newly trained users can take the site and build it out for you. How COOL is that!!

Specializing in Joomla Development & Installations

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CMS training covers 2 different user tyoes:

Content Modification Training (UI /Front-End)

    Effectively update existing site content or even add new content
    Show users how upload and maintain content files (Text, pdf, Pictures, Videos, etc)

CMS Installation Training (UI / Back-End)

    Installation and Server setup
    Access level setup and maintenance
    Maintaining different development environments
    Backup and Restore procedures


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