HME has been involved in Business Process Management & e-BPM for over 25 years.

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: HME is looking Small Business Experts  (SME's)

from every Industry.

HME is a Value-Added Reseller of an Exciting/Innovateitve platform technology that puts the power into the business owners/users hands.

Recently released in the US, sign-up to get an opportunity to become a pioneer of this technology.

You will no longer need multiple technologies to




We're looking to recruit 1 business owner in each industry to become part of this exciting opportunity.

Contact us TODAY to get more information on this opportunity & we can discuss our vision of the program.


We have helped automate standard business processes using some of the latest web-enabled /cloud technologies.

Haveincluded Standard & Ad-hoc reporting tools right at your fingertips.

Have you ever wished that all your project/process documents were accessible within one self-contained workflow solution?

The days of using multiple technologies to run your business are a thing of the past!!!!!

 ?Think Abouts? when deciding whether a flexible BPM solution is right for your business.
1. Cost
2. Contact Tracking - Where is your potential lead information stored?
3. Project/Process Information - How and where is your information specific to each project/process kept?
4. Project/Process Delivery - Is the execution seamless between all players involved in completing the Business Process?
5. Notifications - Who needs to be notified when a Record/Process changes?
6. Notifications - Is the notification process efficient and timely?

What does it take (Time and Effort) to get this information when you need it?

Does each step involve countless email strings?

After implementation costs (negotiated seperately) your very own BPM solution can be yours from Approx. $45 per month/user! Comes with up-time guarantees and you NEVER have to worry about Hardware/Software upgrades again. Let HME handle that heavy lifting and spend your time running your business!!!

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions then we need to talk.  HME can conduct a no obligation workflow assesment of your business processes and show you how you can save time and money implementing a BPM model in your business (Big or Small). Contact HME TODAY and start saving (Time & Money).

Contact us today to get a FREE no obligation quote on your next project.

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Business processes need checkups on a regular basis.
Do you have a read on the Heartbeat of your
organization at your fingertips? ...



HME can automate your business processes with BPM WorkFlows and customized cloud-based solutions that operate efficiently & effectively...


Saving Time & Money

HME provides customized cloud-based solutions for business giving you the opportunity to focus on